Love of Music

There is nothing that brings greater peace, happiness, and comfort than music. Listening to the best quality music can change a person's mood instantly, whether you are using it for educational purposes to help improve memory, or for the athlete to get all-energetic for an event, or simply just want to escape to a different world with softer music. But, no matter what the means are, music is what defines us as human beings. Growing up as a kid, I used to love singing to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir almost every day, until my mom got so sick of it that she told me to stop singing to the choir. I never realized that my singing was so bad. Eventually, my love for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir faded away as I got into my teenage years and then I started listening to rap and heavy metal music. Metallica and Tupac were some of my favorite bands and rap artist to listen to.

My parents would never let that type of music in the house, so once I got my first car, I took all my CD collections and jammed out to my music wherever I went to. Then, once I got into college, I had to take Intro to Humanities 101 to fulfill a requirement for my general education course. I abhorred the idea of listening to classical music from the start, because that is one type of music that I stayed away from, I would not even go down the CD aisle where it contain classical music at the store. But, as I took this course, my professor would play classical music in class to get us to understand what it is. After going through a full semester, my thoughts about classical music changed drastically. I also saw the benefits that it can bring when you study a particular subject such as math. It also changed my personality a lot whereas I started to buy more orchestrated music and less rap and heavy metal.

As a father of seven children, I decided to have my kids listen to classical music instead of the type of music that I had listened to. So, I have come up with an idea to help kids love classical music and not abhor it like the way I did. Parents, if you have love for music, make it fun for kids by making it livelier by adding your own rhythm to it but still keeping the same tune. At bedtime, put a radio on your kids' dresser, put in some Mozart, Beethoven, Handel, etc., and let the music do all the rest. Lead by example. Kids will listen to the same type of music as their parents do. Another fun way to inspire kids to listen to classical music is to purchase soundtrack CD's such as Beauty and the Beast or Sleeping Beauty. Theme songs such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Back to the Future, Flight of the Navigator, Last Air Bender, Superman, Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings, and How to train you dragon are some great examples to introduce your kids to the world of classical music. So, in the end, music does make a big difference in our lives and it also defines us as human beings.

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