How Classical Piano Sheet Music Contributed to the Rise of Romance

Romantic music is a term that describes a particular style of classical music that arose in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. This music was related to Romanticism, a literary and artistic era, beginning in the late 1800s, primarily in Europe. The term "romantic" used in classical music does not necessarily refer to romantic love, although a romantic theme was present of much of the classical piano sheet music of this era. Romantic music is easily identified by its emotional expression and ability to evoke deep feelings. There was an emphasis on lyrical, song-like melodies, as well as rich harmonic qualities. There were many composers during this period; however, a few stand out among the rest.

Ludwig von Beethoven

Ludwig von Beethoven was a composer and pianist from Germany. He was a crucial figure as the Classical era gave way to the Romantic era. He is considered to be one of the best-loved and influential composers that ever lived. Many of his compositions remain favorites among music lovers today, such as "Moonlight Sonata," and "Fur Elise."

Franz Schubert

Franz Schubert was another well-known composer during the Romantic era. Although his life was tragically cut short, his beautiful melodies, accented by passion, nature imagery and poetic style, are remembered and loved to this day. One of his most popular compositions was "Piano Quintet in A major," also nicknamed "The Trout."

Fredric Chopin

Fredric Chopin was a famous Romantic composer from Poland, considered a child prodigy by the age of eight. Chopin was considered to be the master of piano for his generation, and he, more than any romantic composer, used the piano as an emotional tool. Chopin was famous for his waltzes, such as "Les Adieux," as well as pieces like "Revolutionary Etude, Opus 10, #12."

Classical Piano Sheet Music At Your Fingertips

These are just a few of the most well known composers that identified the Romantic era of classical music. Fortunately, for pianists of our day, the beautiful and memorable compositions of these men are kept alive primarily through classical piano sheet music. Sheet music has the advantage of being easily ordered online, or downloaded right from your computer for printing at home or office. Sheet music is a valuable tool for learning to play classical romantic sheet music. A copy of the original score is right at your fingertips, along with all of the symbols for dynamics, tempo and even side notes about how the piece should be approached. Check out online music storesfor a great selection of Romantic classical piano sheet music.

Romance in the Modern Day

As you can see, The Romantic era of music refers to a period and style of music, but it is much more. Romantic style music evokes both passion and emotion in those who take advantage of its beautiful melodies and rich harmonies.

The next time you sit at the piano to serenade that special person, pick up a piece of Romantic classical piano sheet music, such as "Moonlight Sonata," and bring the romantic mood to a whole new level. And, don't forget the roses!