Healing Benefits of Music

Music is a powerful, wonderful force of nature, creating visceral, primal connections to the mind, body and spirit. Music can elicit the most powerful of responses of every kind of emotion from love to sorrow to joy to desperation and everything in between.

It affects everyone differently. It is a very personal experience, and what affects one person profoundly, may have absolutely no effect on another whatsoever. It can bring one to tears, or laugh out loud with joy.

Music can also be a great source of healing. It can calm and soothe, rejuvenate, energize, relax, inspire and restore. Music can have an amazing transformative effect in harmonizing our body systems. In fact, studies have shown that using music with the intention of healing has brought about positive effects on the nervous, endocrine, and immune systems.

Music healing has been a powerful force for centuries and has the ability to promote harmony and well being. Native Americans have for centuries used music healing in the forms of chanting, singing and drumming as part of their healing rituals.

Music has the ability to reach into our souls, and help us to connect with our true selves and to heal from within. One of our greatest gifts is the sound of our own voice, and one of the highest forms of vibrational healing is through chanting or toning. Some music that is very useful for healing mind, body and spirit are some New Age Music, Gregorian chants, drumming ( like the beat of the heart, the drum has a regulating effect on the human body that is soothing and hypnotic), singing bowls and many, many others, all of which produce audio vibrations.

Professionals in the field of music and sound therapy believe that such audio vibrations can affect us in many ways. One profound way is called entrainment. This is a phenomenon in which spirit and mind become in sync with music as the body becomes aligned with the rhythm, melody, and lyrics of a song. Have you ever felt that nostalgic feeling you get when you hear a song that brings up a memory stored deep within your psyche? Feeling it all flood into your consciousness on all levels, filling you up with emotions of the past? Such is entrainment.

The natural link between music and healing is an excellent resource for connecting members of a family. Whether you have professional drums available to you or just pots and pans, or whether you have the voice of an opera singer or you are tone deaf, the results of intent healing will not differ. You also do not need any musical training or background-and the more you practice, the better you will get!

Want to give it a try? Begin by assembling your family and/or friends in a circle, along with their drumming device of choice. Take care not to hurt your hands by over slapping or exerting them (using sticks is a great alternative). Have everyone begin by actively sustaining a repetitive simple basic rhythm between the members, allowing time to pass until a sense of belonging is felt among everyone-in other words, rhythmic entrainment.

Next, allow yourself to intuitively release "your" sound. Any note, pitch, timbre, or frequency will suffice. This may be more difficult for adults due to environmental conditioning. The important thing, however, is not to judge yourself; know the cacophony that comes out of your vocal chords is the perfect sound for you and the group's healing process.

You might also want to experiment with a sacred chant called Om Shanti where you sing Om with one long breathe followed by Shanti, Shanti, Shanti. This chant comes from both the Hindu and Buddhist practice. Om is translated as the past, the present, and the future, a sound that represents reality and Shanti simply means peace. When Shanti is repeated three times it is believed that you are chanting for peace within body, mind, and spirit.

So, anytime you want to change the resonating frequency in your body, music is a great tool to use. And it is fun! As you allow your body to respond to the frequencies of different melodies and rhythms, you will feel different physical responses. Breathe deeply and relax. There will be differences in your heart rate and blood pressure!

If you like organic folkadelic original healing music, I would highly recommend you listening to music of Shawn Zuke. She is currently offering a free MP3 offer of one of her most dynamic songs, "Shanti", that will captivate you with the affirmations of love, harmony, and spirit, and Om Shanti. Be sure to listen to the Om Shanti section of the song!