Learning How to Sing Like Popular Singer

Popular singers usually take vocal coaches when they were a child. However, it doesn't mean that you also have to take vocal coaches to be a professional singer. Learning how to sing at home can be a great alternative. It is an easy and less expensive way to master singing techniques. People can't underestimate your effort since some popular singers also gain popularity without taking vocal coaches. Do you know that Justin Bieber didn't take any vocal coaches? This Stratford boy has natural talent in music and he works hard to develop it. There are also many other singers who learn singing by themselves and they are successful in the music industry.

The success of young singer like Justin Bieber really inspires the young generation. Many teenagers try to do they way he learns music and upload their performance videos on YouTube. Do you want to know how to sing like popular singers? Below are some steps to learn singing like professional singers in the music industry:

1. The singers usually started their career by performing their singing talent as often as they could. For example Justin Bieber, he joined local singing contests and created homemade videos to be uploaded on YouTube. Thus the first step you have to do is performing your singing talent as often as possible in many occasions. It is important to train yourself to sing in front of different audiences.

2. The next step to do is increasing your vocal range. You need to know that your vocal cords consist of muscles. You need to train these muscles regularly so that they get stronger. Play a piano in a middle C and start singing to the note. Go to higher and lower note as far as you can. This is a warm-up that you should do before practicing.

3. Practicing vocal control. Practicing singing is not only about increasing vocal range but also controlling your vocal. As a singer, you need to have the ability to hit the note correctly. You can control your vocal by singing arpeggios; they are notes of a chord played in rapid succession. You can learn from YouTube about arpeggios.

4. Last but not least, practice songs*that are familiar for you. You can sing your favorite songs and match the notes. Practicing songs will help you learn how to harmonize and finally you can sing just like your idol.

When practicing singing, you can't tell if you have sung the song well. To know how good your vocal is, ask your family or friends to watch your performance and give critique.

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